My Story

Hey babe, I know what it’s like to feel insecure, full of self-doubt, stuck in life, and unsure about where to go next.

I always felt like I was different than your average American girl. I grew up in southern Baptist culture in Louisiana, but my mother was very spiritual and we went to a non-denominational church where we practiced meditation, mindfulness, and alternative views of the traditional biblical stories.

So, growing up I saw the world differently than all of my peers, and I definitely stuck out as the dorky weird girl! I had plenty of friends and a nice, urban upbringing, but I couldn’t truly relate to most kids my age when I tried to show them my cool crystals, or talk about how we create our own reality with our thoughts.

I learned Reiki 1 at age 11 (Reiki Master by age 17), my mom taught me how to manifest using my thoughtful intentions, and she practiced healing massage and energy work for most of my childhood.

Now, I am super grateful for my spiritual upbringing, but back then I just felt like a weirdo and ended up renouncing any spiritual ties for a period of time, until I got a little older and realized there were actually other people my age that were like me.

I sought out the traditional routes of college into a career life, but I quickly realized that something didn’t feel quite right. I had massive debt, was struggling to get by, and didn’t feel passionate about my path.

“Is this all there is to life?”

I tapped back into my spiritual roots and began soul-searching. This led me to becoming a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and start my career helping people become the healthiest version of themselves.

I studied with Naturopathic doctors and functional medicine practitioners, not only to fuel my own appetite for learning about health to help people, but also to heal my own health challenges.

I was in my mid 20’s at this point, and had been suffering with acne and irregular menstrual cycles ever since I got off birth control at 19.
I can’t tell you how much money and time I’ve spent looking for the answers to these issues over the years.

My studies and my life have been dedicated to the healing path, and thankfully, I finally figured out how to clear my skin and get my periods back on track. But, it wasn’t some magic pill or even eating healthy that did it for me… it was CHOOSING to heal. It was allowing myself to release the stuck energy in my body that was causing the stress, the hormone imbalances, the negative self-esteem.

Part of this catalyst for healing was discovering exotic pole dancing as an outlet for exercise and fun. I have danced many styles throughout my life including ballet, modern, hip-hop, and even fire dancing, but I never knew how much this art form was going to shift the outcome of my life so dramatically.

Through sensual dance, I learned to come home to my body like never before. This feminine embodiment was the key to unlocking my natural gifts, creating a life in alignment with my truth, and giving me the confidence to pursue my goals at the speed of light.

It was the missing link to healing my menstrual issues, acne, low-self esteem, and chronic mistrust in myself and my decisions.

Ultimately, by learning to connect with my sensuality as a woman, I unlocked my fierce femme power, unapologetic self-expression, and stepped more into owning my pleasure, power, and purpose.

I realized that it’s not just our diet and lifestyle, but also our spiritual wellbeing that accounts for the health of our body. It’s all connected! You really can’t have one without the other.

I believe that all physical ailments start in the non-physical realms as stuck trauma, energy blockages, and emotional pain.

I believe that by learning how to communicate with our inner guidance system (our intuition), we can tap into a powerful resource for healing and move ourselves forward in life knowing our purpose.

I believe women should understand that their menstrual cycle is a tool, for understanding their health and wellbeing, and for tapping into the rhythms of nature to create a harmonious life.

And, I believe that sensual embodiment practices are one of the most powerful ways to move stuck energy in the body, tap into your inner dark queen archetype, and ignite the woman that you are meant to be.

My Passion

So, that’s what I help women with now. I help them tap into their intuition, divine feminine essence, and heal their relationship to themselves and their bodies, so they can become magnetic to all they desire, without anything in the way.

It’s time to activate your magnetic feminine energy and set your soul on fire, Queen!

This is my sacred invitation to shift from self-doubt and people-pleasing, to reclaiming your empowered wild woman with fierce love and unstoppable vision.

My Goals

I love taking women through my powerful 12-week, 1:1 coaching container where we shift you from feeling stuck, self-conscious, or disconnected from your body, to a sky-high vibration Queen who radiates her confidence, sexuality, and femininity without shame.

I help women connect with their higher purpose through a potent soul path embodiment process, which blends health, wellness, intuition, mind-body awareness, astrology, Human Design, menstrual cycle syncing, and somatic healing through sensual dance.

I invite you to book a complimentary discovery session to learn if working with me can help you create a life you are turned on by.

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