1:1 Customized Life Coaching

Clients can buy coaching packages with me starting at 3 months and renew from there, if desired. Coaching is one hour per week over Zoom.

Duration : 3-6 Months

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Are you ready to experience what it would be like to work with a mentor who can help you step into the version of yourself that is calling to you? Your future self is waiting for you to take the first steps towards her… Do you want more confidence? More money? Better health? All of these things are totally within your reach babe! All you have to do is say yes to yourself and get started. One small, achievable step at a time, I’ll guide you towards your dream life in a way that feels fun, expansive, and exciting!

If you feel nervous or unsure about taking action, I promise that’s a good thing! It means you are expanding and activating the parts of yourself that are ready to change. If you’ve been drawn to working with me… if you feel a magnetism… an excitement within your body… then I urge you to follow that nudge because your intuition is speaking to you through universal signs.

One call could change your life. Go ahead and give yourself the gift of stepping into your power and activating the bada$$ queen that is within you!


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